Thursday 3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Market ?bunny hops? and a booming Easter are just some of the predictions made for global stock markets in 2011, as billions of people around the world kick-off Chinese New Year celebrations.

Today marks the first of 15 days of the Chinese New Year festivities. Myself being born under the rabbit sign of the Chinese Zodiac according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, it is said that rabbits are calm, cool and collected while taking caution towards making decisions. They offer personal traits such as compassion, sensitivity and flexibility.

"This year's combination of metal as an earthly sign and the rabbit as a heavenly sign resulted in the Year of the Golden Rabbit."₁

Not being a traditionalist, it is fun to read about the facts off its Wikipedia page every year to remind myself of all the happenings during the festivities. On Chinese New Year's Eve (yesterday), Chinese people have to thoroughly clean their homes to rid of any bad luck and to prepare and bring forth the upcoming year. Afterwards, brooms and other cleaning utensils should be put away as to not sweep away any good luck. Good luck is brought forth by opening the doors and windows of your home...but seeing as it's been -20°C in Toronto...I don't think that's happening. I also read that in northern China, people are supposed to eat dumplings on the fifth day as the shape of the dumpling represents wealth somehow. The fifth day also marks the birth date of the Chinese god of wealth.

There are many more fun stories to learn about this great event that ranges from wearing new clothes, putting up decorations, receiving red envelopes and setting off firecrackers. All in all, a festive and prosperous is said that this might be a good year for investments.

YEAR OF THE GOLDEN  RABBIT: Keva MacKenzie, 3, offers a carrot to Thumbelina, a  two-year-old Flemish Giant rabbit, to mark the Year of the Golden  Rabbit, which begins Thursday and ends on Jan. 22, 2012. The rabbit  is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12  animal signs, and is considered a lucky sign.
                     OMG look at this GIANT RABBIT!!!



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