Wednesday 25 August 2010

NYC Skyscraper Debate


Tuesday 24 August 2010

Footage from DIR EN GREY/APOCALYPTICA Concert @Toronto Sound Academy - 08.23.2010

Footage shot by myself at last night's Dir En Grey/Apocalyptica Concert at Sound Academy Toronto on their UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORROW North American Tour 2010. To say it was an awesome show would be a complete understatement. I don't want to use that phrase, but yes, it was MINDBLASTING! My ears are still buzzing...what a way to celebrate my birthday :)
Check it was crazy! So maybe NSFW if you work in a very tame office...

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Monday 23 August 2010

Medicom x Original Fake KAWS Accomplice Key Holder


Guess the Waterfront Scene Location....

That's right it could be anywhere but it's here in Toronto!! and it's new! ;).......


Game Day

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Retro gaming is so awesome...

F-ZERO for the SNES. 1990 Release.

recently read somewhere online that gaming today is so guided in a way that it's like having the game designer with you as you play; that it's highly unlikely to get lost or confused and that gaming was so much harder back in the 90's. To a certain extent, I concur. Reliving and understanding technology from your childhood is just plain awesome.

F-ZERO (from Wikipedia):
"The first game in the series and a launch game for the SNES, F-Zero was also the first Super Nintendo game to use a technique that Nintendo called "Mode 7 Scrolling". When Mode 7 was combined with scaling and positioning of the layer on a scanline-by-scanline basis it could simulate 3D environments. Such techniques in games were considered to be revolutionary in a time when most console games were restricted to static/flat backgrounds and 2-dimensional (2D) objects. The result was developer Nintendo EAD creating the fastest and smoothest pseudo-3D racer ever on a console at that time.[10]"




Tuesday 17 August 2010

Brilliant . . .

Lindon Leader's 1994 design. Who would have noticed?


Monday 16 August 2010

Hydro Concepts


..........the countdown continues

Friday 13 August 2010



Thursday 12 August 2010

Toronto Waterfront Taking Shape photos

The Urban River on Toronto's waterfront.

Garden of Books



Wednesday 11 August 2010

Wooden Faucet by OMAX SRL Italia


Love this! More here . . .

Dir En Grey


Tuesday 10 August 2010


13 days to dir en grey.....

Furniture Design

More photos........

Monday 9 August 2010

14 Days to Dir En Grey

Bruce Stratton Architects Completes York Woods Library Renovation

Part of a Dance Studio in the Library


Eaton Centre Renovation

                                                                                               Photo via urbantoronto

If you've been to the Eaton Centre lately, you might have noticed that it looks like a steel mess on the inside. Here's to its $120 million makeover.

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Friday 6 August 2010

Infamous Toronto


Tuesday 3 August 2010

Time to Apologize to the "Gateway to the Grange"???

Does Frank Gehry go back on his word.......?


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