Friday 21 December 2007

Last Day of 2007

Our office will close for the Holidays today. Back in the new year.
Have a great Holiday!!!


Tuesday 18 December 2007

The Analogist

After reading this brief interview with Liebskind about his ROM design you just think he sounds more like your highschool science teacher than a designer of cultural spaces.


Friday 14 December 2007

Human Rights Tribunal Ontario

The final design for the new offices of the HRTO is underway.
The design will feture some free flowing forms. The materials will
continue a "LEED" inspired selection process. It should
be completed in the new year.


Thursday 13 December 2007

Christmas Party Party Party

The annual firm Christmas party is tonight. We'll take several pictures.


Wednesday 12 December 2007

New Office Cat

We have a new office cat. His name is Corbu. He is black.
He is currently running around chasing Christmas streamers.


Tuesday 11 December 2007

Virtual Toronto MSN Maps


From the Sketchbook


Monday 10 December 2007

Tattoo Queen West

So if your strolling on Queen Street West one weekend evening check out Tattoo.
It is the latest creation by 3rd Uncle Design the same dudes that brought you
the Drake Hotel renovation.

567 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON


Art, Lawyers and Architects

One of the larger law firms in the city is definitely making interior partitions more interesting. Architects KPMB have provided interior design services for Torys new space as well as architectural commentary. Which brings to mind another unrelated question...Who likes those buildings painted with ads?

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Friday 7 December 2007

Brad Pitt Architect

I know John Cougar sang about it but now someone has built it. To help rebuild part of New Orleans devastated by hurricanes someone has dropped some Pink Houses into the neighbourhood. It is an installation you may participate in and could even bump shoulders with one of it's founders Mr.Pitt.


GBSA Website

Just thought we would give 'props' to our web designer.... Ben Harrison.


1000 Architects

The firm has been asked to submit a work for a new
book entitled 1000 x. It profiles the work of architects
through the Americas.


Thursday 6 December 2007

Reshaping Toronto Brick Works

Toronto is reshaping it's older sites. After the success story of the distillery district the Toronto Brick Works is looking for a piece. Does anyone know why the distillery district is soo quiet in the evening? Anyway, hope the Front St. silos stay silos.


Wednesday 5 December 2007

On Rebuilding......

Another perspective on Toronto architecture and what has happened in the last few years.


Tuesday 4 December 2007

MPIR Interior Photos

One of the firm's office interior renovations for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal is online in photos. The project was completed a couple of years ago. The general contractor was Cloke Kirby.

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Monday 3 December 2007

GBSA in the Public

The G. Bruce Stratton Architects website will undergo an update in the next couple of weeks. We will be adding more projects and images to the current list. In the meantime, the blog will publish photos to keep you up to date.

The W. Ross Macdonald project will also be featured in an upcoming publication by George Brown's School of Design entitled Canada Innovates.

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Art Gallery of Ontairo

There is something refreshingly 'west coast' about the Frank Gehry addition to the AGO.This is an outside perspective only.

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