Monday 25 February 2008


Jenny records olde Philadelphia......


Friday 22 February 2008


It appears as if the somewhat forgotten intersection of Bloor and Lansdowne will receive a somewhat distant movie studio boost. The short strip between Lansdowne and Dufferin does cater to some of the darker professions. The studios would be a significant boost to a historic building and an area full of potential.


Thursday 21 February 2008

Historic Queen and Bathurst Burns

The famous intersection of Queen and Bathurst suffered a 6 alarm blaze the other night. The intersection is famous for just being eclectic. More important, some of the buildings are representative of historic Toronto's Victorian past. Still an important intersection to the local artist scene from musicians, painters, fashion designers and architects. Recently we blogged about how the Queen St car ride was one of the better ones in the world because of intersections such as the one above.


Tuesday 19 February 2008

Jenny's Trip to Los Angeles

Rafael Moneo


Wednesday 13 February 2008

7 Words or Less

A recent Financial Post article tells us about the ability to define your business in as few words as possible. Blueprint Business Architecture has made a business out of providing such a service. "Opening Sooner" were the words given to a shelving company whose units installed in half the time. Overall, an interesting tool in the time of proposal writing.


Monday 11 February 2008

Marcel Wanders or Castor

....first time I've seen these sites.........Castor


Friday 8 February 2008

Pipilotti Rist

It has been a few years since her exhibition in Montreal which totally turned me on to video artists....another sample


New Dodge Challenger

Has car design ever influenced architecture? You may argue that the aerodynamic designs we now see in buildings is a spin off of the design savvy automotive market.
To some recent inspiration...

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Thursday 7 February 2008

.......Jarvis Street Slip

Well, it was my personal choice ; ) ....the winner is. The Toronto 'design politicians' pulled a fast one.


Wednesday 6 February 2008


So, the roof of the Staples Center started leaking in the middle of a basketball game 2 week's ago sunday. The comentators noted that the roofing company was on site and about to tarp the area. The leak ceased. Moments later the sideline reporter indicated that some of the staff working in the area left their wet clothes on the catwalk and that this was the source of the water. The sportscaster quickly retaliated "Sounds like a cover up by the roofing company to me!" .......sounds like a long site meeting to me.

(see the video in the attached article)


Tuesday 5 February 2008

Office Cat Tagged

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Stratton Architects Completes OCC

The interior renovations at 250 Yonge Street(Ontario Collaborative Centre) are complete. The space was opened yesterday by Minister Sandra Pupatello. The ministry has released a news item documenting the event.

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Monday 4 February 2008

Library Expansions in the Modern Era

The most interesting point about the new Robarts Library expansion is the justification about this expansion occuring even in the electronic era. There is further justification of people needing at least a place to study. On the other hand, Toronto's Public Library system is constantly increasing it's computer terminals in all of it's branches. How has studying changed? Do students still take books out of libraries or is it easier to google your query? Computers are slowly replacing books. It will be interesting to see what the new Robarts will boast as the University hub adopts a new medium.

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