Friday 30 July 2010

The Not so Friendly Green Reflections of Construction


Wednesday 28 July 2010

Studio on Richmond Condo

It looks like our neighbourhood parking lot/partial rubble land down the street is finally coming down and being turned into the Studio on Richmond Condo. The reported 41 and 31 storey towers will be a good uplift and revitalization to a land that once housed a nightclub and will also induce much needed energy into the Richmond, Duncan and Nelson Street area. This project, I'm assuming, would be part of the redevelopment master plan of the Entertainment District. 

The idea
"It’s not Queen West. It’s not King West. It’s Richmond. Duncan & Richmond. A bit of both worlds, yet a world entirely unto itself. It’s where Financial and Cultural Districts converge, creating a swirling dynamic of dollar bills and clubland thrills traded on the most important index of all – quality of life. 

We could paint a picture of the neighbourhood by listing all the restaurants, lounges, shopping and cultural destinations just brush strokes away. We could tell you which subway is closer – Osgoode or St. Andrew – and how few kilometres you are from the Gardiner Expressway. But we won’t. Because we know you already know."

Thanks to urban toronto for the images.

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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Honest Criticism for Mayoral Candidate

Well, it's the first time I read the words shitty when one architect talked about another's design.....bold but good for being Frank.

Frank Gehry on Toronto Condo.....

So, BlogTo says it fit's into the streetscape 'pretty well'. Is the streetscape shitty? Toronto's condo dilemma.


Nothing if not dressed up.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2011 Menswear

Simple, yet elegant. Yohji Yamamoto. Runway Spring Collection 2011.


Monday 26 July 2010


thanks BlogTo for this photo


Parapluie femme


Handmade gold trim umbrella by Parisian Couturier, Michel Heurtault

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Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Distillery District

The recent revival of the distillery district in Toronto is curious. Taking a group
of homogenously designed buildings and converting them to entirely different uses. Environmentally it makes good sense. As a artists studio it looks great. As an architectural experience it seems one dimensional or maybe just too damn cute.

Walking around you admire the old brick buildings and then go inside to get a coffee or look at a painting. The industrial is gone. Replaced by the contrast of a fragile glass sculpture.  The experience starts the minute you walk through the old entrance gates. It feels like an architectural theme park.

It is possible for buildings to adapt to different uses and some very successfully. So, perhaps this just applies to reusing older buildings. If you proposed a new build like this you would find yourself in version of Seaside. But does the experience differ? What if Fort York housed a health club and restaurant? The Limelight in New York converted an old church to a nightclub.(probably fitting)

The jury is out on the Distillery District experience.


Tuesday 20 July 2010

Close...But The OCAD Student Still Wins

and then there is the standard.....


Thursday 15 July 2010

Sugar Beach Update


Wednesday 14 July 2010

Multi-layered Ice Rink Design Proposal

Rendering of a new four-layer ice rink proposal for the Portlands area (Toronto) by RDH Architects. Very intriguing concept.

Here is an architect's rendering of the proposed four-pad ice rink in the Portlands, to be unveiled at a public meeting on Tuesday. This stacked facility is the latest idea after a huge uproar from architects.

                                          More info

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Iroquois Passport


Monday 12 July 2010

Simple But Nice...


A Perfect Analogy for a Toronto Sports Franchise

Now I know why they handed it out to fans.....

Monday 5 July 2010

Back from Abroad

Jewish Museum -Berlin


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