Thursday 28 January 2010

Collecting : Ceramics by Jane Wilson


Library Architecture :Colombian architect Alejandro PiƱol

Fallout 3 The Modern Architecture of Gaming

To some it looks likes a mess to others it's a visual library of a modern aesthetic.


Wednesday 27 January 2010

A Staff Favourite IDS 2010


Tuesday 26 January 2010

a nation of shopkeepers.....?

We the recent popularity to incorporate work and home we have to wonder what our masterplan will reflect in the coming years. Boutique shops denounce mass markets and why not wake up and go to work but what is happening in the bigger social economic picture?


Wednesday 20 January 2010

Which Brings Us to the Best Unrealized TTC Plan Done By a Student


New Subway Station Designs?

Thanks to the Torontoist for these recent images of some new architectural proposals in the city....always a lively discussion....perhaps the Museum Station idea has come and gone?


Monday 18 January 2010

Canada 2010

The new pavilion done by Cirque demonstrates a cultures fascination with mass consumption and brands.


Wednesday 13 January 2010

Dinosaur in 8

countdown to the show in Toronto......

Architectural eyesores, ftw?

It seems that the ROM addition is also getting some heated criticism from abroad.


Tuesday 12 January 2010

'Infamous Toronto'

Toronto Aquarium

It appears as if Toronto's waterfront will get a new entertainment building.


Monday 11 January 2010

New Public Library Design


Someone Building With The Gardiner

With all the talk of tearing down the gardiner expressway it is refreshing to see someone building with it.
A rendering by Patkau Architects with Kearns Mancini on a nice Fort York idea to begin in the spring.
The Patkau architectural section.


Wednesday 6 January 2010



Monday 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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