Wednesday 30 April 2008

Reception Desk Design Video

Recent desk design by Joanne with 3d model by Jason.
Click the link below to watch.......



Friday 25 April 2008

Staff Projects

Jason shares his personal webspace.........

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Thursday 24 April 2008

Shambles York UK

...someone just sent along this historic place to me....thought I would share it's architecture.


Tuesday 22 April 2008

New Construction Continues on Ministry Offices

GBSA's new design under contruction.

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Monday 21 April 2008

Staff Social- Birthdays

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Thursday 17 April 2008

Pushing the Office Interior

Thank you to Ben for the following inspitrational link.....

Ben is the original creator of our website.....

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Wednesday 16 April 2008

Graffiti Research Lab

interesting stuff at the MOMA.......


Tuesday 15 April 2008

Two Complimentary TTC Graphics- My Favs

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Caster by Mockett

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Monday 14 April 2008

Colio Niagara Winery Ministry Certificate

The new winery designed by G. Bruce Stratton Architects is close to receiving approval from the Ministry of the Environment. We hope to have the last few concerns clarified this week in order to proceed with the new design. The certificate will allow a final meeting with the public for site plan approval as well as give the owner approval for the winemaking.

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Thursday 10 April 2008

GBSA Social the ROM


One Last Kick at the Museum Cat

Royson James of the Toronto Star on the Museum Station Renovation:

"Formerly a mundane, nondescript, forgettable stop, Museum is now an underground landmark "

...say what? and then

"Toronto can do mediocre architecture and the world will walk by without stopping – like they do to the opera house, as wonderful as it is inside"

hmmmmmm?....same architect Royson....what are you saying?

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Wednesday 9 April 2008

Toronto Councillor's Analogy

“We have a public transit system that has the same design scheme as a public bathroom,” Councillor Joe Mihevc, a TTC commissioner, said last month.

Sadly, this is the design quote of the month.

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Tuesday 8 April 2008

So now what?

Does it seem like something is missing? something on the ceiling?

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Monday 7 April 2008

Construction Underway

The new offices for the Human Rights Tribunal designed by G. Bruce Stratton Architects are under construction. The project should be done in a couple of months and will provide much needed space for the Ministry of the Attorney General.


Friday 4 April 2008

Google Images Toronto Architecture

.......just two of the images that appear on the first page of a Google image search of Toronto Architecture.


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