Thursday 29 May 2008

The Coming of the Circle

More construction photos from the Human Rights offices.....


Wednesday 28 May 2008

GBSA Design Archives- Bayview and Black Creek Libraries


Tuesday 27 May 2008

from the Archives-Beaches Library Model

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From the Archives- Proposal Cover


Friday 23 May 2008

Ontario Collaboration Centre

A Frame photography has completed photos of the new collaboration centre designed by GBSA. The above photo is looking into one of the gathering spaces off of the main entrance.

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Thursday 22 May 2008

Now For Something Completely Different


Concrete Toronto Music

So, this sounds like a fun Toronto event.....taking place in concrete structures


Thursday 15 May 2008

Ministry Offices Progress

Construction photo of the new offices designed by GBSA for the Human Rights Tribunal.


Wednesday 14 May 2008

3d Photography

This is serious photo technology....

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Crawford Street Bridge, West Side, November 16, 1915. City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1231, Item 1615

thank you to the Torontoist for this photo.....

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Friday 9 May 2008

Curved Walls Under Construction

The new hearing rooms designed by GBSA at 655 Bay St. will have a curved wall.
(currently under construction)


Thursday 8 May 2008

Shanghai Photos at the ROM

Yang Zhenzhong’s Light and Easy II (2002), part of ROM's Shanghai Kaleidoscope.
(courtesy National Post)

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Periodical Sarcasm

John Barber's column in today's Globe and Mail is just full of it.
Looking to add to your social dynamic? Just read it. Pfffft.
The disappointing in the article is that the Hummingbird Centre is referred to
as a homely Toronto landmark. I think this is where the journalists credibility is lost.What is Das Boot? Is it not a film? Forget the posturing of politicians and economic indicators the proposed 'L' has several other aesthetic obstacles. If there ever was a reason to wish for a recession.....


Tuesday 6 May 2008

Construction Photo

Core drilling an existing slab.......


Monday 5 May 2008

Browsing Toronto Architecture Awards

So there seems to be many awards being issued in the past few weeks.
The OAA even has a People's Choice Award. We are even awarding the
'ugly'. There is also people speculating about the Toronto Style and what it is.
Apparently several 5 year old europeans have this architectural knowledge. It reminds me of reading movie reviews. I guess every building has an award and if does not then why not create one. It's like reading headlines from that columnist in the New York Times who called it a 'must-see'. What's their name again? Or were they from the Chicago Tribune? Globe and Mail? I'll bet you it's all those design shows on TLC causing problems.....


Thursday 1 May 2008

New Library Design in Graphics


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