Tuesday 11 January 2011

Here he is, our new Pet Fish!

Here he is, our new pet Siamese Betta Fighting Fish. We've come up with several names for him ranging from Mirko, The Hulk, SHAQ, The Big M, Little Mirko, etc. etc.... It is up to a certain number of "individuals" to resolve his name as a certain "individual" disagrees with a fish being named after him.

From above, he is of a majestic Indian green colour, but its side possesses a range of rainbow turquoise, purples, blues and greens. He's somewhat camera-shy at first, but that's to be expected when the paparazzi is on his tail right when he's moved into his fancy new condo. And by the way, STUDIO on Richmond is going to have some stiff competition with Fish Condo 217's grand opening as its neighbour.

The condo measures roughly 7.5" x 7.5" x 7.5" and houses around 1 gallon of water. Inside the aquarium I've installed several faux plants, lubricious hot pink gravel, a 7.5 watt undergravel mini heater, a thermometer, a Zebra Rock and a singular white LED light that comes on at 5pm and shuts off at midnight.

The tank is currently stable at a temperature of 76-77°F (24.5-25°C), which is more than comfortable for tropical fish like the Betta. From time to time he likes to look out the window, float near the surface for air or just lounge beside the heater. I would say the corner beside the heater is his hiding spot from what I've seen so far. Anyways, below you'll find some pics for your amusement that range from sea-level views, morning/night shots, iso's/overheads and stunning exterior views of the architecture of Fish Condo 217.


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