Friday 14 May 2010

What is Suburban?

Our waterfront design panel like throwing around the term suburban like that comedian who said "You might be a redneck if......"
An opera house or condominium could be suburban if you look at it's scale, frequency of use or lack of urban design. I have cycled and driven daily through the massive condo development at the waterfront gateway on Spadina to rarely find a crowd. I think everyone is inside watching their TV's. Have you seen the 4 elevations of the Opera House? Have you been inside the Opera House? Perhaps we spend less to decorate some boxes. Some of them sleep 100 some seat 2000. Is urban architecture a 15 storey condo with a coffee shop and bank on the ground floor? Is it a college campus where you need a student card to enter a building? Is it a black box theatre with a condo ontop? 

Stereotypes need to be thrown out for a successful design.


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