Friday 9 April 2010

The Walrus and Architecture: Red Tape May 2010

In a recent article by Don Gillmor we are given a glimpse into the workings of the Russian Architectural (S)election. He let's us know how a local firm had an international project handed to them. The results leave one disillusioned about so-called public architecture and aesthetic. The original details were vague but it is now understood that the new opera house was not really won in an international competition as much as friendly coup. The original winner Eric Owen Moss was fired. The following international competition was awarded to Dominique Perrault. Once the latter was fired, it left the door open to friends with friends to posture over the remains in a sort of claim for the Arctic style. Congratulations to the local firm that obtained the project from conductor Gergiev however, is this really Architecture & Red Tape or just Building & Bolshevik?

Owen Moss


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