Thursday 24 January 2008

Museum Subway Station Toronto

So, the debate continues over the renovations of the seldom used but crystal attached Museum subway station. The new look for the station which is almost complete is set to mimic the museum artifacts and ancient civilizations. Next on the list is Osgoode subway regardless of the fact that the TTC just 'cleaned' the station. There is something refined and timeless about the glazed tile walls of the subway stations. This same characteristic can be found riding the rails in Montreal. If this plan is a one station deal it has some merit. Once more stations adopt the persona of it's name or area it does become a ride in disneyland. When you go to a museum you expect to be transformed so the station would be 'warm-up'. But what if you loathe the concept? What if you want your museum experience separate from your commute to work? Are the bus shelters next? What if you paid in rocks to enter the station? Or all the staff dressed in linen kilts? As a one station deal it may be successful. If more stations follow.....were in trouble.

(photos top-Museum Station proposal bottom two-STCUM Montreal)

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