Tuesday 20 November 2007

Woodside Square Library

Woodside Square Library is located in a midsized enclosed shopping mall in Scarborough. Immediate mall neighbours include Shopper’s Drug Mart, LCBO and the Royal Bank. The inclusion of public spaces such as libraries into the private realm is not a new concept but it remains somewhat of an enigma given that public institutions do not often partner with private interests. We would argue that Woodside Square Library has made a noticeable positive impact on the ‘streetscape’ of the shopping mall. Interior architecture is always about material selection and the marriage of the materials as well as the composition, texture, colours and lighting both natural and artificial. Maple veneers, stainless steel, coloured glass, recycled carpet tile and porcelain tiles are the materials which have been selected for the library. Energy efficient T5 suspended light fixtures have been utilized for the study areas. Public libraries within Toronto are cornerstones of communities and focal points even if they are located in midsized suburban shopping malls.

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